Rally Monitoring with ONI system GPS units

We offer a system of 4th generation Rally monitoring gradually improved based on the experience of twelve years of operation in the Czech Republic and abroad. Monitoring is important for the safety of riders and spectators, the organization of races and compliance with the rules.

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System security features:

– automatic accident detection

– detailed information on the accident

– main and backup transmission of alarm message

– stop in SS

– red flag



Automatic accident detection

– the unit is equipped with an accelerometer monitoring high impacts

– if a crash occurs and the car does not continue, a crash report is generated automatically

– after an accident, the crew is warned to confirm that they are in order or need help

– the message is sent immediately to the control center

– the message is simultaneously sent to the following cars approaching the same SS within 2 km



Download Rally Monitoring 2020 brochure (ENG, PDF)

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